0% Installment With Pay With Pace

0% Installment With Pace

With the Pace App

Shop online or
in person, at your go-to brands or
at new shops.


- 3 monthly interest free installment .
- No hidden charges 
- Local debit cards and credit cards are  accepted.
- Applicable for purchase order from  RM500 to RM3000. 



Reminder: Please contact us to check on the stock availability before placing an order as the stocks are selling fast. 


All you need to do is scan the QR code below and follow through the steps. 


  1. Scan the QR Code
    • Enter the bill amount and your payment details.
  2. Pay your first installment
    • The remaining installments will be automatically deducted from your account or charged to your card.
  3. Kindly whatsapp us the details below with the transaction slip or the receipt to +60 16-520 1066.
    • Date: 
      Contact Number: 
      Brand/Model/Color of instrument: 
      Address : 




Remark: 1st installment payment will go through only if there is sufficient available balance which is greater than the purchase amount.